Friday, March 19, 2010

Another life

I don't want to make this post too epic, but I just wanted to do a quick review of my college life.
I've been to three different colleges in three years :P
And it hasn't been the easiest journey. Leaving friends behind in three different cities didn't make it easier.
But I finally made it into an art school with hard work and determination.
Art school is and has been a journey that will continue for the next few years that will introduce me into the industry.
I'm pretty optimistic about this journey and I want to live it.

But my journey is about to take another turn because
I was accepted into CalArts for Fall 2010 :)

I've talked to people and have done my research and I will be pursuing my career through the Character Animation program at CalArts.
Otis has been a great year. I will be extremely sad to leave. My art school friends are really special and talented.
I'm kind of jealous that they will be graduating in two years and leaving to go work in the industry.
But I made my choice to stay and work for another four years at CalArts.

CalArts is probably my last stop for art school.
I am very excited to be part of the Character Animation program and I will definitely make the best out of it.
And I will take all that I have learned from Otis with me.

I have less than 2 more months at Otis before summer break.
I'll have some catching up to do with this blog when I have some time.

Friday, March 5, 2010

It's March Already!

Well, it's already March! Which means that there's only about 2 months of school left.
And I'm planning out my summer as I'm going through school. There's lots to do over the summer.

First, I'm making myself a goal to score an internship this summer.
So far, I'm signed up for Nickelodeon, BLT Associates and looking into New Deal Studios.

Second, I have submitted a volunteer application for Siggraph. Hopefully I'll hear back from them soon.

Third, COMICON! I definitely want to volunteer at Comicon next year.

Fourth, I have to take classes at a community college so I can transfer them over and get those general ed classes out of the way.

Fifth, I want to take animation or storyboarding classes somewhere. Perhaps Concept Art Academy?

Next week will be my interview with BLT Associates. Exciting!

I'm posting some of the work that I've been doing.
This is the cat that lives in my sketchbook. I'm hoping that I can incorporate him into an animation or short film.
I haven't given the cat a name yet though. I'm thinking I want to name him Pachinko, after those Japanese gambling machines :P
Only because it looks like the cat would have a name like that.

My Landscape class has been going very well. We go on field trips every once in a while so we can draw outside.
Here are the sketches that I done:
Some of them need to be improved because they're not as readable.
But so far, I really like them :)

(Marker one needs to be improved :P ) ^^^^

Here are pictures of the sculpture of my grandpa.
I'm making very good progress and moving on to the eyes.
The back of the head is still flat but we're going to get there soon.
My grandpa's face looks a little weird now that I've drawn the eyes in. But our teacher taught us how to make the eyes.
I'll be scooping out the area where the iris and pupils are supposed to be to make the eyes.
Then it will probably look better.