Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break = No Break

We are officially on Spring Break now at CalArts and this is the time to finish films and build a portfolio!
I'm actually almost done with animation... just 4 scenes left!
It's still a lot of work... but I'm almost there!

For now I am posting some character/ animation poses that I drew.
It was originally a character design assignment but I was more interested in the belly dancer's poses.
So I drew more of her dancing around.
(I should've given her a different skirt so she doesn't look like a hula dancer... or maybe I could make her into one in the future?)
I'm also thinking this could be a possible portfolio piece to support my animation demo reel..?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Almost Done???

I knew I wasn't going to post much during films :P
I've been animating my butt off for the past few months, and I'm still not done with my film...
But I have a good portion done!
Honestly though, I love animating, I really do.
I may not be the best at it, but I really think it's something I would like to do in the future.
and I'm super excited about everyone's films this year!

Our deadline is April 25 for the Producer's Show.
My aggressive/ not realistic deadline is April 8 :P
And portfolio day is April 5
April is going to be... a legendary month.
Until then... here are some more cats to overwhelm my blog with!
I call them the Siamese Sunshine Cats:

This cat is a bit inappropriate

And this cat is just being a cat

I'm done with my nonsensical rant now
Back to animating in the rain!