Monday, August 31, 2009

first day of school

Today was my first day of school at Otis. My first class was Media in Motion and it is a 6 hour long class with a lunch break. I never had such a long class before and I thought I wouldn't survive, but I did :P
I'm pretty excited to finally be attending an art school. It really is a different feel knowing that your peers are interested in the same things as you are. I haven't been a full time student in a year, so it's kind of a rush to be back in the flow. (Though I do miss my part time student days -___-)
I just finished buying some course books and such online and I thought I would just post a little something.
I've been pretty frazzled lately with all the moving and the hot weather. But I finally settled down into my new place in Los Angeles and I'm looking forward to settling down in art school as well.

I included my school schedule in this post. I have mostly night classes now which is something I'm not really used to. I'm still a little overwhelmed by the first day of school.
I'll be keeping this post pretty short.
I did want to do a little movie review of Ponyo and Inglorious Bastards.
Maybe even post some recent work. But I have another class to attend at 7.
And I just want to rest right now :P

I hope I won't be too busy to post later on!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I was watching this clip from Ponyo
and damn... it's just the cutest thing ever! I still have yet to watch the movie. But this trailer has got me hyped up even more!
I don't know what witchcraft Miyazaki possesses, but he always creates the cutest characters that make you smile :)
I guess if I watch it in the movie theater it will be dubbed over with English. Usually I prefer Japanese but Princess Mononoke was dubbed really well. I think Ponyo will be too.

I've embedded the clip that I've been watching and it works! It's quite awkward on my blog and blocking some stuff on the side. But that's ok :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Busy Business

I know I may be repeating this a lot but... I really feel like I don't have much time to do all the things I want!
And school is coming ever closer. I'll be following a pretty busy schedule once I start school.
School sounds very exciting :) I'll also be looking for a part time job once I'm fully moved into our new place.

But I wanted to take note about the visit that I made to Calarts last week to visit Libby Hux.
It was a very good visit and I left with some very constructive feedback. Libby also suggested that I make another appointment with her before I turn in my portfolio. I'm so glad that she's super nice and is willing to help. I didn't feel like I was stepping on anyone's toes or anything.
I made some notes about my old portfolio.
- drawings were a bit too formulaic
- the sequence of the portfolio was a bit uneven
- experiment! take risks! show them who I am!
- put in some personal pieces
- most importantly... put more of ME into the portfolio!

About 300 applicants apply to the character animation program. Only about 40 - 50 get in. Will next year be my lucky year? I really hope so. I feel really good about my work right now and I also feel that I'm going in a good direction. I'm a bit overwhelmed right now because of all the work that I have to do.
So I'm going to keep this entry short.
I was rendered useless by that horrible stomach flu this week. So I gotta make up for my loss of time.

Until next time!

Oh, and I wanted to post this lovely picture of my dog :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving Far Far Away...

I am currently in the process of moving to LA with my boyfriend. Living in Irvine for 3 years has really created a comfort zone and I will be really sad to move away. I will miss the area, the people, and my dance classes :(
But LA will be a new adventure and as always, I must move on. Too bad Irvine and LA are kind of far away from each other. I'm also excited at the same time because it's a new chapter in my life. Going to art school will definitely be fun and challenging. And who knows, if I get accepted to Calarts, it will be a whole other chapter as well.
I do like moving though :) Gives me the opportunity to clean up some of the junk I've been collecting. And moving into the new place will be fun too. Redecorating and such. So I am looking forward to that.
It really is bittersweet.

I have a pretty busy schedule ahead of me. So while I'm packing and such, I've been making some monster silhouettes. Or I guess I should say I'm drawing them :P
My instructor advised me to try this exercise because silhouettes read well and you don't have to worry about the detail. It kind of makes you use your own imagination.
So that's always fun.

The next time I post, I might be moved into my new place already!
And also, tomorrow I'll be meeting up with Calarts admissions counselor Libby Hux. She's going to take a look at my old portfolio and give me some feedback. I'm pretty excited about that.

Time to move on!