Monday, August 31, 2009

first day of school

Today was my first day of school at Otis. My first class was Media in Motion and it is a 6 hour long class with a lunch break. I never had such a long class before and I thought I wouldn't survive, but I did :P
I'm pretty excited to finally be attending an art school. It really is a different feel knowing that your peers are interested in the same things as you are. I haven't been a full time student in a year, so it's kind of a rush to be back in the flow. (Though I do miss my part time student days -___-)
I just finished buying some course books and such online and I thought I would just post a little something.
I've been pretty frazzled lately with all the moving and the hot weather. But I finally settled down into my new place in Los Angeles and I'm looking forward to settling down in art school as well.

I included my school schedule in this post. I have mostly night classes now which is something I'm not really used to. I'm still a little overwhelmed by the first day of school.
I'll be keeping this post pretty short.
I did want to do a little movie review of Ponyo and Inglorious Bastards.
Maybe even post some recent work. But I have another class to attend at 7.
And I just want to rest right now :P

I hope I won't be too busy to post later on!


  1. awww lucky you. good luck at otis!

    and let me know how inglorious basterds was!

  2. Have fun at Otis! I hope you guys have more AC than us lol

  3. What is Drawing the Fantastic? That sounds great. And a creative writing class too. So well rounded.

  4. thanks sisi! by the way, i'm unable to post comments on your blog?

    drawing the fantastic is a studio class where we draw different animals , people and creatues for films and such. I just had my creative writing class yesterday. It's going to be fun :)