Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I know Halloween isn't today but Autumn is my favorite season so I'll just say it early.
This post has nothing to do with Halloween but I've been wanting to post my recent work from Otis.
I'm taking a Basic 3D class that teaches the class how to use Maya.
And we've been working on a new project every week.
So I thought I would post 2 of my recent projects. They're not the most elaborate and fantastic models :P
But I'm really glad that I'm making progress in Maya and I think my projects show that.
Here are some screen shots:

I had another project that I really liked but I forgot to save it onto my own flash drive after I turned it in :P
I'm pretty sad, because I don't know if I'll have the time to go back and finish it.
But it was a model of a contemporary/ modern room that had some Asian influence.
Sad :(

Another project that I'm working on is incorporating myself into a character from a story. The book that I chose is called Sabriel and the character that I used is Kerrigor. Kerrigor is portrayed as the Greater Dead. Which means he is a very powerful dead creature and he wants to take over the Living world.
I didn't work on it very long until I noticed that my creature doesn't look like me at all.
And also, it was scaring my boyfriend. He said that it kept staring at him.
So I decided to tone it down and start over with charcoal.
I really wanted to work with oil paint because I'm not very experienced with oil.
Maybe next time.

the photo is a bit washed out because of the natural light.
it's supposed to be darker and richer. I'll try taking another photo.

The charcoal drawing is much better. Except, I don't think it quite looks like me.
It's... prettier?

I hid the painting behind our dvd/game collection.

I thought I would include another show and tell because it's fun.
For those of you who are green onion fans, you can grow your own green onion easily!
(courtesy of Jeanette, who showed me how)

When you are at the end of your green onion stalk, leave about 2.5 inches.
and just stick it in water.
Your green onion will start growing immediately.
You will also see the roots start growing the day after you stick it in water.
In the picture, the really skinny green onion growing on the left one is new.

It's super easy :)

This week wasn't as stressful. I'm glad I had some time to relax.
But next week is crunch time. I have some pretty big projects due.

I can't wait till Thanksgiving...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Much Better

I must say that this year's portfolio day went much better!
I had the opportunity to present my portfolio to Libby Hux. She is Calart's admissions counselor.
I made an appointment with her previously about 2 months ago.
And she remembered me. Very sweet of her :)
She flipped through my portfolio and seemed to like it.
The only critique she gave me was to re-organize my portfolio. And she told me to include my sketchbook even though it's a hot mess :P
I'm really glad. Maybe too glad? I didn't hear anything negative about my portfolio.
Which is a good thing. But I guess it was too good to be true, so I wanted to hear some negative stuff too.
It was great though, I'm glad that it went really well this time.
I guess I'm ready to apply. And she suggested that I make another appointment with her before I submit my portfolio.

But, at the same time I'm really enjoying Otis.
So we'll see what happens.
Time is flying by so fast. When you start attending art school your weeks become 4 days long.

until next time!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday and today were my first rainy days in Los Angeles. I miss the rain.
I'm glad that it's finally raining again. I feel as if California has been going through a drought.
Also, my car needed a car wash. I parked on the top floor of the parking structure so that my car can get clean.

This Sunday is portfolio day! I'm excited to show the new stuff that I have in my portfolio. And hopefully this time, it will be a better experience. I can't believe it's been a year.
But I'm not so surprised. Time is just flying right now.
It's already the 7th week of school. I swear my weeks are only comprised of 4 days now.
Seriously, when you start art school, your weeks only become 4 days long.

I seem to be saying this in all of my posts but I'll say it again. IM SO BUSY.
I really really want to post some of my work here. And I know I'll end up posting up my work towards the end of the semester and have this super long post with lots of pictures.

I'll do my best to make a post about this year's Portfolio Day.
Can't wait!