Thursday, October 15, 2009


Yesterday and today were my first rainy days in Los Angeles. I miss the rain.
I'm glad that it's finally raining again. I feel as if California has been going through a drought.
Also, my car needed a car wash. I parked on the top floor of the parking structure so that my car can get clean.

This Sunday is portfolio day! I'm excited to show the new stuff that I have in my portfolio. And hopefully this time, it will be a better experience. I can't believe it's been a year.
But I'm not so surprised. Time is just flying right now.
It's already the 7th week of school. I swear my weeks are only comprised of 4 days now.
Seriously, when you start art school, your weeks only become 4 days long.

I seem to be saying this in all of my posts but I'll say it again. IM SO BUSY.
I really really want to post some of my work here. And I know I'll end up posting up my work towards the end of the semester and have this super long post with lots of pictures.

I'll do my best to make a post about this year's Portfolio Day.
Can't wait!

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  1. Busy is good, but it really takes a lot outta me. This week will definitely be some time for some R&R and catching up on the blog. It's weird, I know I'm so busy, but 3 months later...I realize it's always worth it. Looking forward to your new portfolio work :) Best of luck - you'll do well.