Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2009!!!

I couldn't be any happier about the new year.
It's about time that 2008 ended.
Truthfully, 2008 was quite the tough year. And to end it, my trip to Taiwan was canceled.
Let's just say that I didn't realize that my passport had been missing for over 2 years until the night before we left. I think I'm more weirded about by that fact than sad.
Taiwan will happen again soon.
So I'm very much looking forward to the new year!
I'm hoping that 2009 will be a promising year :)


Happy New Years!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008


I just finished my life drawing final at Irvine Valley College. This class has really led to some improvements in my figure drawing. The picture below is a portrait that I did with faber castell color pencil. My main objective was to capture the flesh on the model. I think that was kind of successful, but I was unable to make my drawing look like th model. I thought I mapped out his face correctly but in the end, my drawing doesn't quite look like the model :P
I really need to improve on drawing portraits. But maybe in the end, I like the fact that I can draw people that exist somewhere in the world :)
My master copies are done too. I was able to put them up side by side with the originals and critique myself.

This piece is by William Bouguereau. I remember having a lot of trouble with the face on the this one too. I think the eye is too big. But better than when I first started out drawing her face. That was just... scary.
uh... her breasts may be too far apart too....
I plan on fixing my master copies. Especially this one so it doesn't look like she got implants...

This piece is by a wonderful artist named Luis Riccardo Falero. I've been admiring his pieces because they really are beautiful. I can make this one a little darker because the fixative faded the charcoal a bit. Also, I made her look bald... she has a shiny spot on her head.
But other than that, I really enjoyed how dynamic this piece was.

I wanted to draw a male figure for one of my master copies so I chose one of Michelangelo's Ignudi. This one took 3 days because it was done with color pencil. I liked the way this one turned out but I need to go darker in certain areas like his cheek. This was probably the hardest piece to map out. It was very very very tricky.

His upper body was a lot more compressed than I thought it was. So it took me maybe 5 tries to map out his body because I kept making it too long. But I'm happy that I didn't give up :)
I think this piece will look much better when I make it darker.

The most appealing part about this piece was probably the male's little flowy hair :)
This piece is called Patroclus by Jacques Louis David. We were required to do a piece in pastel.
Pastel is witchcraft... and I don't quite understand the language of it.
I started with the left side of his body and it was a wreck.
Then I moved my way to the right side of his body and his arm and I started to get the hang of it.
So this piece turned out better than I thought because I can't work with pastels.
But it is definitely a medium that I would like to work more with.

Next semester at IVC, I won't be taking a figure drawing class. But I'll try to make trips to Otis for figure drawing workshops. I really don't want to stop life drawing, even though I turned my portfolio in already.
I won't be posting in here for a while because I will be in Taiwan for Christmas :)
I've been tracking the weather in Taipei City and it's been raining every single day!
I was hoping I can get some little sketches in, but we'll see what happens.

It might be 2009 when I post again!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Portfolio Contents

I got an email saying that the notification period for CalArts is March 1 through April 1.
A whole month... this countdown is the more stressful one...

I wanted to post some pictures of the drawings that I had in my portfolio.
I won't post everything because I have ALOT of drawings. I used to have almost 60 drawings in my portfolio.
But Gary helped me cut it down to 41.
The requirements for the portfolio are a least 20 drawings from life. That embodies everything.. people, landscapes, animals etc. But 80% should be people and animals.
Gary said 57 drawings would have been too overwhelming.

The first 2 pictures are of a model named Caprice.
I had her at UCI and luckily, I had her again at IVC.
She's such a good model, and it really helps to have a model that inspires :)

These 3 are gestures of another really good model named Yuko at Otis. These are for my sister. My sister doesn't really know what a gesture drawing is supposed to look like.

I also posted some animal drawings that I did. They're from the aquarium, santa ana zoo and the hamster at home. I have a lot more animal drawings but I'll just post some that I like.
The hamster's name is Dot because she was the runt of the liter.
Hamsters are hard to draw :P
She was so active, so my drawings might have a few inconsistencies . But it was good practice a
nd they turned out well.

March and April are going to come up real soon, hopefully I'll be prepared.
Until then, the next sketchcrawl is coming soon and I purchased a sketchcrawl shirt too.
Also, I've been browsing through many many paintings so that I can choose one for my master copy.
I chose some candidates but all of them are so wonderful.
I'm hoping that even after my life drawing class, I can continue to do some master copies for fun.

I found a painting done by Luis Ricardo Falero. It's called The Belated Witch. I won't be doing this for a master copy because I can't find a better picture. But it's a very beautiful painting and I wish I could see it in color.
I have 3 more master copies due on the 15th, and I'm looking forward to working on them.