Monday, December 15, 2008


I just finished my life drawing final at Irvine Valley College. This class has really led to some improvements in my figure drawing. The picture below is a portrait that I did with faber castell color pencil. My main objective was to capture the flesh on the model. I think that was kind of successful, but I was unable to make my drawing look like th model. I thought I mapped out his face correctly but in the end, my drawing doesn't quite look like the model :P
I really need to improve on drawing portraits. But maybe in the end, I like the fact that I can draw people that exist somewhere in the world :)
My master copies are done too. I was able to put them up side by side with the originals and critique myself.

This piece is by William Bouguereau. I remember having a lot of trouble with the face on the this one too. I think the eye is too big. But better than when I first started out drawing her face. That was just... scary.
uh... her breasts may be too far apart too....
I plan on fixing my master copies. Especially this one so it doesn't look like she got implants...

This piece is by a wonderful artist named Luis Riccardo Falero. I've been admiring his pieces because they really are beautiful. I can make this one a little darker because the fixative faded the charcoal a bit. Also, I made her look bald... she has a shiny spot on her head.
But other than that, I really enjoyed how dynamic this piece was.

I wanted to draw a male figure for one of my master copies so I chose one of Michelangelo's Ignudi. This one took 3 days because it was done with color pencil. I liked the way this one turned out but I need to go darker in certain areas like his cheek. This was probably the hardest piece to map out. It was very very very tricky.

His upper body was a lot more compressed than I thought it was. So it took me maybe 5 tries to map out his body because I kept making it too long. But I'm happy that I didn't give up :)
I think this piece will look much better when I make it darker.

The most appealing part about this piece was probably the male's little flowy hair :)
This piece is called Patroclus by Jacques Louis David. We were required to do a piece in pastel.
Pastel is witchcraft... and I don't quite understand the language of it.
I started with the left side of his body and it was a wreck.
Then I moved my way to the right side of his body and his arm and I started to get the hang of it.
So this piece turned out better than I thought because I can't work with pastels.
But it is definitely a medium that I would like to work more with.

Next semester at IVC, I won't be taking a figure drawing class. But I'll try to make trips to Otis for figure drawing workshops. I really don't want to stop life drawing, even though I turned my portfolio in already.
I won't be posting in here for a while because I will be in Taiwan for Christmas :)
I've been tracking the weather in Taipei City and it's been raining every single day!
I was hoping I can get some little sketches in, but we'll see what happens.

It might be 2009 when I post again!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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  1. Portfolio pieces turned out really nice! Especially the last one - good color and texture. Happy Holiday's and Happy New Year's in Taiwan!