Friday, December 26, 2014

Post-CalArts and Tumblr

I'm sorry blog. It's been waaayyy too long this time!
But 2014 has proven to be the most eventful year. Therefore, super busy!
Here's a small list of what happened this year:
- Sold my soul to my last film at CalArts
- My film made it into the 2014 Producer's Show (yay!)
- Graduated from CalArts (still can't believe it!)
- Moved up to the Bay Area
- Been getting a steady stream of freelance work

I also started a Tumblr that I post on more often just because it's a bit more convenient.
But I still feel like I owe to myself and this blog to put something on there.
Here is a link to my Tumblr for more of my work:

So without further ado, here is my last film at CalArts!
I can say, that I had so much fun with it and I can watch it without cringing. So, big step for me! Haha.

High Tea from Tammy Chang on Vimeo.

And here is a little painting that I did for the holidays.
I haven't used acrylic paint in a while and I remember how much fun it is.
So I sucked it up and it didn't turn out so bad!

I'll be traveling until the beginning of January, but I will do my best to put something on this blog once in a while.
I do miss it!
Happy Holidays and stay warm!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Double Crunch Time

Hello blog! It's been a while :P
I'm usually good about posting, even if it's a little bit.
But my fourth year at CalArts has been super busy.
I made a design portfolio this year and I've sold my soul to my film.
Check out my design portfolio! It's at the top tab that says "Design Portfolio."
With my help of my awesome character design teacher, Nate Wragg, I managed to put together a portfolio that I actually had fun doing.
And with Portfolio Day coming up, the crunching has doubled.
I'm hoping the next time I post won't be when my film is done. I'd like to update my blog with my film progress as I move on to cleaning and coloring my animation.
For now, here are a few backgrounds from my film!