Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snow Yeti

Here is an assignment that I did for my 2D animation class.
It's the first one that I'm ok with showing :P
Our pencil test stations have been updated and it's super convenient to shoot now.
I miss the lunchboxes, but I'm glad I got to use them before they took them away.

The lighting is not the greatest and you can hardly see the mailbox.
But I'm hoping one day I can color it.

And a scan of the snow yeti's mailbox.
The snow yeti deserves a nice mailbox because he's so sad.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's been a while since I posted. And I've been meaning to share the stuff that I've been doing,
but I haven't been happy with a lot of my work.
These past few weeks have been super crazy because we've been working on our second year film animatics.
Since all that craziness is over, I want to post some of the stuff I've been working on.
The first one is for Layout class.
The assignment was to draw yourself as an animated character in a
And the things that you put in the treehouse have to say something about you.
I really enjoyed this assignment, and I want to color it so bad.
I even tweaked it in Photoshop so it's ready to paint. But there's no time :'(

The next few are from Character Design. My teacher is Andy Suriano and he's amazing.
Some are before and after drawings.
I think it's really interesting to see my original designs and then see them after Andy's critique.
My character designs look much better after getting notes from him.
Some of them are still botched because I'm not a good character designer :P
But I love character design anyway!



Redesigning the Galaxy Trio:

I forgot to scan the before drawing.
But here's the after:


(orange markings are Andy's)


(midriff was my idea...and I'm sorry I suck at drawing legs)

I really hope that I can color some of these in the future. That would be so much fun.
I am currently uploading an animation onto Vimeo.
So I will be posting that next.
There's a lot I would love to share, but it will take time.
Hopefully not too much time though :)

Monday, October 10, 2011


My dog Bebe passed away peacefully last night around 1am.
She was a very good dog and has always been until the end.
Bebe never gave us any trouble. Her passing away was a bit unexpected, but she was old.
She was 13 years and 2 months old.
We had a family lunch that day with all the grandparents and the whole family.
So she got to see everyone before she left.
We're going to miss her so much.

Bye Bebe, we love you and you'll always be with us.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


This blog has been quiet for some time. And it's because of school!
School has been kicking my butt yet again and keeping me busy, but in a good way.
I am enjoying my second year at CalArts very much. My classes are awesome, and the people there are awesome. I really couldn't ask for anything better!
I want to post some of my assignments, but will need to wait because they either need fixing or I need to get them back :P

Because I'm so busy with school, I'm going to have to reconsider Chinese painting :/
My teacher is actually resting right now from a small surgical procedure, but when I start classes again, we're going to have to discuss my schedule.
I might go to class maybe once a month or so.
I haven't posted a Chinese painting in a while, so I scanned some shrimps that I painted a while ago.
The paper is rippled because of the wet ink that I used.
I like painting shrimps :)
It's also nice to change up the medium from time to time because I've been working digitally most of the summer.

I am also posting some sketches that I did at the LA zoo today for Life Drawing class.

(I broke Bosco's arm.....)

Apparently, zebras have a very unique marking under their belly. It looks like a pair of lips!

I also want to use this post to talk about some of the classes that I've really been enjoying.

Animation Layout - This class is one of my favorites. I am learning so much in this class and the assignments are really kicking my butt. I have a lot to learn from this class and I'm glad it's during our first semester because it will definitely help out with films. Dan Hansen is an awesome teacher and I'm excited about this class.

Character Design - I am not a very good character designer. I love it, but I'm not the best at it :P So I'm super happy to have Andy Suriano as a teacher because he's from Cartoon Network, so he can draw some seriously crazy characters. I know that I'm going to learn so much from him because he'll help me push my designs.

Story - This year's story class is amazing. It makes me think about my first year story class and how much I didn't really learn because we focused more on our films. We are going over story fundamentals and I already feel like our films are going to be 10 times better this year. Also, we had our first story assignment that we had to draw on paper and pitch traditionally with a stick and everything. Pitching was so scary, but my teacher, Jim Hull, is a committed teacher and gives very thorough and constructive critiques. I'm not the best story person either, but I know that I will be learning so much and improving on the little story skills that I have.

CG Character Animation - I've always enjoyed the CG animation classes. Our teacher this year is Eric Deuel, and he is also really awesome teacher. We will be focusing on animating a few shots this year that could potentially go on a demo reel. So I'm very excited to have him as a teacher and build a CG reel because he gives really good advice on acting, animation, and much more.

Screenwriting for Animators - I was really nervous about this class in the beginning because I am not a very good writer and I've never really written a script before. The teacher, Nicole Panter, really emphasizes script formatting. And we are also learning about character development and story through her critiques. I haven't written a script for this class yet, so we'll see. But so far, I've learned a lot from this class as well.

Film Workshop - I'm really glad we have this workshop class this year. I feel like our story class last year was more like a film workshop class, and not quite a story class. I'm really enjoying the workshop sessions because we can really discuss our film ideas and focus on the things that we are having trouble with. My second year film is already becoming more and more solid because of the help from Brooke Keesling and my classmates. Our class size is very small so we have more one on one time.

School has been a bit overwhelming, but I'm enjoying it for the most part.
The tough part is adjusting to the new classes and schedule, and the workload can be crazy.
But it will only get better from here!
I'll do my best to post more work and document my experiences as the year goes on, as there will be much to share :)