Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's been a while since I posted. And I've been meaning to share the stuff that I've been doing,
but I haven't been happy with a lot of my work.
These past few weeks have been super crazy because we've been working on our second year film animatics.
Since all that craziness is over, I want to post some of the stuff I've been working on.
The first one is for Layout class.
The assignment was to draw yourself as an animated character in a
And the things that you put in the treehouse have to say something about you.
I really enjoyed this assignment, and I want to color it so bad.
I even tweaked it in Photoshop so it's ready to paint. But there's no time :'(

The next few are from Character Design. My teacher is Andy Suriano and he's amazing.
Some are before and after drawings.
I think it's really interesting to see my original designs and then see them after Andy's critique.
My character designs look much better after getting notes from him.
Some of them are still botched because I'm not a good character designer :P
But I love character design anyway!



Redesigning the Galaxy Trio:

I forgot to scan the before drawing.
But here's the after:


(orange markings are Andy's)


(midriff was my idea...and I'm sorry I suck at drawing legs)

I really hope that I can color some of these in the future. That would be so much fun.
I am currently uploading an animation onto Vimeo.
So I will be posting that next.
There's a lot I would love to share, but it will take time.
Hopefully not too much time though :)

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  1. So peaceful, color it. The characters design are really cool