Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Portfolio Contents

I got an email saying that the notification period for CalArts is March 1 through April 1.
A whole month... this countdown is the more stressful one...

I wanted to post some pictures of the drawings that I had in my portfolio.
I won't post everything because I have ALOT of drawings. I used to have almost 60 drawings in my portfolio.
But Gary helped me cut it down to 41.
The requirements for the portfolio are a least 20 drawings from life. That embodies everything.. people, landscapes, animals etc. But 80% should be people and animals.
Gary said 57 drawings would have been too overwhelming.

The first 2 pictures are of a model named Caprice.
I had her at UCI and luckily, I had her again at IVC.
She's such a good model, and it really helps to have a model that inspires :)

These 3 are gestures of another really good model named Yuko at Otis. These are for my sister. My sister doesn't really know what a gesture drawing is supposed to look like.

I also posted some animal drawings that I did. They're from the aquarium, santa ana zoo and the hamster at home. I have a lot more animal drawings but I'll just post some that I like.
The hamster's name is Dot because she was the runt of the liter.
Hamsters are hard to draw :P
She was so active, so my drawings might have a few inconsistencies . But it was good practice a
nd they turned out well.

March and April are going to come up real soon, hopefully I'll be prepared.
Until then, the next sketchcrawl is coming soon and I purchased a sketchcrawl shirt too.
Also, I've been browsing through many many paintings so that I can choose one for my master copy.
I chose some candidates but all of them are so wonderful.
I'm hoping that even after my life drawing class, I can continue to do some master copies for fun.

I found a painting done by Luis Ricardo Falero. It's called The Belated Witch. I won't be doing this for a master copy because I can't find a better picture. But it's a very beautiful painting and I wish I could see it in color.
I have 3 more master copies due on the 15th, and I'm looking forward to working on them.