Friday, September 18, 2009

Art School Rocks

I've been pretty busy with art school. But I'm having a lot of fun . All the things that I want to do and improve on are already being done :)
Storyboarding, character design, learning photoshop, learning maya. It's so great.
(that contemporary art class isn't so hot ... -___-, but it's still interesting!)
I'm really looking forward to the rest of the semester and see how much I improve.
Art school is so great because I'm surrounded by such talented artists. It's intimidating and inspiring all at once. But everyone is really nice and always willing to help.
I didn't want another month to pass by before I blog again :P
Hopefully, I can start posting some of the work that I've been doing in class.

Also, national portfolio day is just right around the corner. It's pretty crazy how it's already been a year.
But I'm looking forward to portfolio day. I can't forget that it's about a month away. I have to start putting fixative on my pieces!

I wanted to post a few drawings that I did a few weeks ago. They aren't from Otis, but I always want to post work to compare my progress from before.

School really is overwhelming, but in a good way. I'm really happy that I made this choice to attend Otis. I don't have much else to say :P
except that... art school rocks!


  1. Oh wow... those obese figures look soooo cool lol

  2. Those extreme poses and limbs are really great!

  3. Thanks Tammy, last night I was reading one of Steven Silvers art books and he mentioned going to life drawing sessions and drawing the models taller, thinner, bigger, shorter, etc. Glad to see you thinking outside the box...loose and fun lines :)

  4. thanks guys :)

    I should check out that book by Steven Silvers. Always on the prowl for good books

  5. TAMMMMYYY omg your works are amazing!
    miss you lots!