Monday, August 3, 2009

Moving Far Far Away...

I am currently in the process of moving to LA with my boyfriend. Living in Irvine for 3 years has really created a comfort zone and I will be really sad to move away. I will miss the area, the people, and my dance classes :(
But LA will be a new adventure and as always, I must move on. Too bad Irvine and LA are kind of far away from each other. I'm also excited at the same time because it's a new chapter in my life. Going to art school will definitely be fun and challenging. And who knows, if I get accepted to Calarts, it will be a whole other chapter as well.
I do like moving though :) Gives me the opportunity to clean up some of the junk I've been collecting. And moving into the new place will be fun too. Redecorating and such. So I am looking forward to that.
It really is bittersweet.

I have a pretty busy schedule ahead of me. So while I'm packing and such, I've been making some monster silhouettes. Or I guess I should say I'm drawing them :P
My instructor advised me to try this exercise because silhouettes read well and you don't have to worry about the detail. It kind of makes you use your own imagination.
So that's always fun.

The next time I post, I might be moved into my new place already!
And also, tomorrow I'll be meeting up with Calarts admissions counselor Libby Hux. She's going to take a look at my old portfolio and give me some feedback. I'm pretty excited about that.

Time to move on!


  1. Nice silhouettes!Very groovy and Dr.Suessy.

  2. tammyyyyy this is valentina from visionnnnnn
    omg your stuff is amazinggg<3<3

  3. Tammy! you know I love your work!!
    I really loved seeing that calligraphy painting you did of the mans body with flowers for his head :)
    - julie

  4. that looks cool....
    hey tammy, wut if i ask you
    if you can draw a picture of a phoenix, a tribal kind of style
    with space either in the middle of the phoenix or above where it seems like the wings are encasing the word family in chinese...

    hope that doesnt sound confusing