Sunday, January 3, 2010

CalArts Portfolio 2010

Here is my final portfolio for the 2010 Character Animation program at CalArts.
In no particular order because blogger likes to mix it up when I upload pictures....
It's finally finished and I'll be dropping it off at CalArts tomorrow morning, and then we'll see what happens from there.
It's pretty crazy how it's been a year since I applied last year. I honestly don't know what CalArts will think of my portfolio but at least this time, it's not that boring :P
Libby Hux gave me good comments on my portfolio but it doesn't guarantee anything.
So we'll see what happens.

Good luck to those who are also applying!


  1. DUDE. Your portfolio is so rad. Good luck!

  2. That is a great variety of portfolio pieces. Good work and best of luck! The first pastel and oil painting is amazing! Great tones and details.

  3. !! I LOVE your portfolio! It's really great. Good luck!

  4. This looks like an accepted portfolio to me! GOOD LUCK! I sincerely hope you get in!

  5. Your portfolio is beautiful!

  6. wow.. thanks so much for the nice comments you guys!
    you guys have some kick-butt portfolios yourselves.
    good luck everyone!