Thursday, September 9, 2010

CalArts Orientation

This week has been kind of hectic with all the orientations at CalArts.
Orientation is basically 3 days long including class sign-up.
It's been a blast and I've been meeting all kinds of people, especially fellow character animators.
I'm really excited to start working with my peers.
They all seem so talented, it's really intimidating. We're all saying how we all think everyone else is better than ourselves.
But it's going to be great.
I'm pretty much just waiting for school to start now and to finally begin my journey at CalArts.

But until then, I will be going to the Toy Story 3 panel at Gallery Nucleus this sunday :)

There's a really big smile on my face right now because I'm really excited to go.
And what better to way to start the school year?
I'm definitely looking forward to speaking to the story artist James Robertson.
I want a signed book but I don't know if I can afford it at the moment :(
School and art supplies are a priority right now...

I'm almost thinking of taking my Toy Story 3 poster there to get it signed by the artists.
But the poster is obnoxiously big...
I'll figure something out!

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