Monday, October 11, 2010

a month gone by

A month of school has passed by. And again I can say, with confidence, that I am getting my butt kicked.
But in a good way. Because I am learning so much and I'm surrounded by soooo much talent.
It feels like it's been a year!
I remember when I was at Otis, I took a maximum of 7 classes. When my friends told me they wanted to take more I would talk them out of it because 7 classes was already kind of tough :P
But at CalArts, the minimum amount of classes is 9....

To summarize...
1. 2D Animation - I really love class :) I thought I would suck
in this class, but turns out I'm doing pretty well. I guess I kind of have the instincts and gut for animation. My teacher Scott Wright is really cool. I'm so glad I have him as my 2D teacher. But when I think about animating my student film I freak out @_@

2. Digital Methods - A chill class about computer programs and file management. My favorite part is when my teacher Fran shows us different films. We are learning about Final Cut Pro right now. We'll be going over Photoshop and other programs soon.
Here are some links to the animations that I have seen in this class:

3. CG Foundation - Just another intro to Maya class. This class is a little more slow-paced because Maya can be difficult to teach.

4. Color and Design - This class is mostly about homework. I really like Brooke Keesling. She's a very sweet teacher. We end up doing a lot of work for this class because the assignments are a bit time consuming. But at least the assignments are fun to do.

5. Story - This class was hell for the first 3 weeks. We were required to draw storyboards and animatics for our student films within 2 weeks without much instruction. We were basically getting thrown into the assignments just so we can do it and feel what its like. But now were slowing down and really learning about story now. Whew! This class is fun but it nearly killed us the last few weeks.

6. Writer's Color - This is my critical studies class. It's really interesting because it's a cultural studies class and writing class. And my classmates are really intelligent. It's refreshing to take a class like this amongst all my other crazy character animation classes.

7. Character Design - I am having trouble with this class. My teacher
Rik Maki is extremely harsh and so far doesn't really like my work. In fact, he doesn't like the majority of the work that the class does. This class is frustrating but I'm learning a lot. This class is really good for me because I need to push my character design. The main issue I need to work on is shape design. This class also demands a lot of work. But I know that I will definitely improve by the end.
Rik Maki is harsh but he's super nice at the same time.

8. Life Drawing - Fun class! It's a 6 hour class that is about anatomy during the first half, and experimental during the second half. This class is also pretty chill and my teacher is super nice.

9. CG Character Animation - I really like this class because of my teacher, Robert Domingo. This is my 3rd night class and he makes it very bearable because he's super nice and a great teacher. We're just animating some very simple objects in Maya right now and developing a sense for timing.

I really want to post as much as I can. The next time I post, I want to post about a certain event that happened at CalArts, but I want to make sure I have permission to do so :P

Also, I'm posting a picture of the night the freshmen camped out for the animation cube sign ups. I took this picture from my fellow character animator Amanda Candler. (i love youuuu amanda!!) I don't know where I am in this picture...

Also, I'm posting my bouncing ball animation. I'll try to post my 2D animations because they are definitely a landmark for me. I think I can say this is one of my favorite classes.
I know the bouncing ball is nothing special, and my teacher added a few corrections...
but all the animations I have done for this class are very special to me :)

Bouncing ball animation from Tammy Chang on Vimeo.

More to come later!

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    Scott Kim and I say hi! :)

    I'm really glad to hear you're liking your classes!!! I'm super (SUPER) jealous of some of your classes such as your story class.

    I wish I had a life drawing class especially since I'm taking character animation with Laura Barbera this semester. I really like it... she's focusing more on story (so the second/third timers are actually doing their own 5-10 second shorts) and us first timers like Maria and Gaby are doing walk cycles and character walks (we pick a specific emotion and try to express it in a 120 frame minimum walk)

    Dude, i'm taking this class with Casey Hunt from 3LL, one of my best classes this semester. Im sure I told you before about it.. but I really learned a lot about character, environment design and getting the information I need from the client to make clear and successful designs.

    Hope to hear from you soon, I'm glad you post this stuff on your blog! Keep us posted on any events :)