Friday, November 19, 2010

More animations and CTN!

I am posting 3 more animations that I have been working on for my 2D animation class.
As usual, all of them need some tweaking :P
Especially the backgrounds.
My animation assignments require backgrounds and different layers.
I didn't plan out it out properly at the time.
So I apologize about my first flour sac animation. It is WAY too light.
Also in my second flour sac animation, the ground disappears -____-

But now I've figured out how to put everything together properly!
So my next animation won't be all wonky.

Also, this weekend is CTN animation weekend!
I'll be going tomorrow with some friends.
I'm super excited! I'm planning on bringing a small portfolio for my first year film.
I'm hoping I can pitch my story and character designs to a few people and get feedback.
This time, I'll be brave enough to talk to people.
Not like last time....

Hope to see everyone there!
and enjoy these small animations :)

1 comment:

  1. Ah Tammy I hadn't seen your 2nd flour sack one till now. It's awesome! :) I love your animations