Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I can't believe the holidays are here already.
I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving.
I know I will, I've been waiting for the holidays since last year!
There's so much to be thankful about, but I only have time to draw out a few :/
Without these things, I would not be who I am today.
(Some drawings have more than one thing to be thankful about, so I kind of cheated)
Have a wonderful holiday and remember those things that you are thankful for!

My family
(including: my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends)

My wonderful boyfriend, Jason.

CalArts. Everything about CalArts: my friends, my teachers, my life there.
I am so grateful and lucky to be a part of CalArts.

Being part of the animation industry and the ability to draw, animate, and be creative.

Being Chinese

(including animals!)

Autumn and Winter

My 2 favorite sports that have taught me a lot about myself, and keep me active.


  1. Aww Tammy I love this post so much. Such adorable drawings. :) I am so thankful you're here at calarts too! <3

  2. haha, your drawings are so cute!! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. AWW TAMMY! You are so wonderful. I am thankful for Tammy this Thanksgiving!

  4. thanks!
    i had a wonderful thanksgiving and i am definitely thankful that i have friends like you guys :)