Friday, May 24, 2013

Art Swap

I recently did an art swap with a fellow character animator and friend, Jacob Streilein.
I provided him with a tiny canvas and this is what he painted me:

It's from his third year film and it's so beautiful!
This is what I will be sending him when he's back from vacation: 

The canvases are about 2 x 2.75". So they're very small. Mine was done with acrylic and I haven't touched acrylics since first year! I was really scared so I kept it simple.
I definitely want to buy more tiny canvases and do this over the summer because it turned out to be so much fun.
I forgot to add some yellow highlights on some of the rocks so I'll do that before I send it off to Jacob.
I hope he likes it, cause I'm not as skilled of a painter as he is :P


I finally added the yellow highlights!
I definitely think it looks a little better and not as flat.


  1. Hey Cool Art Swap! I really like your miniature painting!!!

    1. Thanks Gerald!
      I'm trying the smaller canvases like you!