Monday, October 14, 2013

Zombies Galore!

Here are my film characters!
And they are all zombies. Because I love zombies and I've always wanted to do a film about them.
I dressed them up in fancy menswear from the 1920s because they are going to attend a tea party.
So I basically put all the things that I love together for my last film at CalArts.
Zombies, menswear and afternoon tea.
It's only my first pass, so I still have some revisions to do!
(their feet are all the same size... oops...)

I'm also thinking I should give them names at some point.
That could be fun.

The drawing above is for Nate Wragg's character design class.
His class is amazing and I'm learning a ton from him!

More zombies and zombie paraphernalia to come!

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