Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Overview

I would like to use this this blog to just spread out some thoughts and an overview of my spring semester, since it's about to end. My oil painting class is just great. Never in my life, would I have ever thought that I could paint like this. And maybe I do have a little knack for paint. I just didn't have the right instruction. I'm finishing up my final oil painting in class. It is based off a photograph that my instructor took. I have the photograph and my painting posted up next to each other. I'm satisfied with what I have. It's not quite done yet but it almost is. A lot of things are off but I'll just work with what I have.
It could be a lot better, but for my first semester of oil painting, I won't beat myself up :P

My generous boyfriend also bought me a new camera :) We're currently testing it out because it was advertised as a great camera... but it isn't quite living up to that description and we're wondering why.... hmm...
But I have some new drawings that I did at the portfolio prep program that I would like to post up. I'll get those when I figure out this mysterious camera.

I haven't posted for in a while because of my hectic dance schedule. Irvine Valley College had their spring dance concert during the second weekend of May and I was in 2 of the dances. And it was so much fun. I almost wish that it didn't end. It was my first time on stage too. It was just an unforgettable experience and I am so so happy that I had the opportunity to perform before I have to put dance away. I don't have rehearsals anymore, and my last dance class is next week. It's pretty sad because I've met some great dancers and most of us are going our own ways. And I would've loved to perform for IVC's fall dance concert.
It really is such a bittersweet moment. But at least I will be attending dance classes for the summer semester. And I will finally be taking a ballet class after 3 years of only jazz :P
shame on me... no wonder why I don't know how to properly use my strength to dance.

I guess some good things just have to end. There will be photos and even a dvd of the performance later on that will be available to purchase. And I would definitely love to post some pictures of the performances.
My secret wish is to somehow end up back at IVC again for dance classes and perform once more :)
After art school of course.
I'm really soaking in my last few months of dance and Irvine. I will miss this so much.
But life moves on and for the better.

Next post will hopefully have more pictures!

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  1. Just amazing details, highlights, reflection in the bottle!!!