Monday, June 8, 2009

I Have Returned!

I haven't blogged in a while because I've been driving across the U.S. with my older sister :P
She recently graduated from the University of Michigan's pharmacy graduate program. Congrats to her for enduring such a tough program and finally earning her title as Dr. Emily Chang!
After her graduation, she decided that she wanted to move home to start looking for a job. So we drove from Michigan to California because she had to bring her car back.
I must say, that it was one heck of a drive... I've driven with her and my mom before from California to Michigan. But for some reason, that one didn't seem as bad. This time, I was super antsy and even 2 hours seemed like forever. But I made it and I'm back in art mode.
I just wanted to include a few pictures that I took along the road.

This picture was taken in the New Mexico area. There were a lot of plateaus in the area and all the mountains looked blue. It might have been Arizona but I don't remember :P

The pictures of the sunset and cacti are definitely from Arizona. My sister thought it would be nice to capture some of the cacti by the sunset. And the sunset was absolutely gorgeous.
I think the cacti really saved our lives... the drive was getting really boring. Some of the cactus looked really funny :)

I also wanted to post some of my work that I've been working on recently. I'll split up the posts because I still have yet to get some pictures.
Also, I returned around 12 from watching Pixar's Up :)
It really was such a great movie that touched the deep regions of our hearts like never before.
This is definitely a break through for Pixar. (the first one that made me cry :P )
I will be going to sleep with happy thoughts of the movie tonight

Good Night!


  1. That's great news of your sister's graduation and into the medical field. Welcome back to Cali! Arizona sunsets are wonderful. Glad you took the time to snap some photos. I got stuck in a flash flood in Arizon, it was exciting and terrifying at the same time. Sketching in Arizona's heat is intense (even in the shade). Can't wait to see your latest art work. "UP" was a amazing!!!! Did you fork over the extra bucks to watch it in 3-D? So did you cry? So much sniffling in the theater during 3 separate scenes of the movie :) It has some really emotionally sad moments, but I kept those tears in my eye sockets since I took my nephew. LOL.

  2. I didn't watch it in 3D because 3D tends to make my eyes feel uncomfortable. But maybe one day. I don't mind watching the movie again :) I feel like I'm missing out not watching it in 3D. But it really was such an awesome movie!

  3. No, no, you're not missing out. My friend watched it in 3D and said it did nothing for him.