Monday, June 29, 2009


I feel like I haven't posted here forever :P I wish I could post more but I've been swamped with my portfolio class.
When I signed up for the portfolio program, I signed up for a number of hours, and I'm trying my best to finish up those hours this summer. Though I don't think I can...
But that's ok, I'm going to need some advice once the Calarts portfolio deadline starts coming around.
And the reason I've been so frazzled is because I'm jumping to the different Vision 21 locations to experience the different teachers and Calarts alumni.

So I'm either in Cerritos, Fullerton, LA or Irvine..whewww....

Lately, I've really been feeling my gestures. With the help of my instructor Mike Neumann, my gestures have adopted a more animation-like style in a sense that I draw through and make everything flow more.

I've also started a short story about Jason the zombie and Piaget the Pigeon.
It's a quick story that I've added into my sketchbook to help with my organization of story.
Not really the best drawings, but I was focusing on the story, and that was already hard enough :P
I will add the rest later on.
What will happen after Piaget drops off Jason the zombie's dentist postcard?

And the bottom one is just another figure gone sci-fi.
Right now for me, it's either a zombie or robot-thing. I'm going through a zombie phase at the moment.
But I'll just make the best of it :) and let it inspire me.

Speaking of zombies, I recently stumbled upon an artist named Ashley Green.
I first discovered him through the art of Metal Gear Solid. And what do you know... he has books that have zombies and robots in them :) Here

Check out his website!

Until next time!


  1. Your daily routine sounds so exhausting...but I sure wish I had that much access in the North Bay growing up. I either had to wait for drawing classes in the summer or travel into San Francisco, which was a 45 min drive each way. Sometimes an hour when traffic is bad. Then maybe another 30 minutes to find parking :) Good times.

    So glad to see you're enjoying your gesture classes and that you're staying loose. That 3rd page had strong poses!

    Your short story sounds great! Thumbnails are definitely the way to go. That way you can keep your ideas fresh and transfer to paper quickly. Then you can go to index cards to add more details, that way you can lay them out and switch scenes and sequences around instead of redrawing boards.

    I just love robots too! If I could afford a collection, my room would look like DJ Qberts. Ashley Wood is absolutely inspirational. He's one of those painters that I can look at his stroke work all day trying to decipher his techniques.

  2. thanks Gerald and Art Fan Ako!

    index cards for a story sounds great! I really need to try that. Ashley Wood's art is definitely witch craft. I think he does a lot of his work manually as opposed to digitally which i really like.