Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Show and Tell: Nightmare Before Christmas

I was keeping a close watch on this book on Amazon. And it so happened that art store that I usually go to had the book! I immediately bought it. It really is an amazing book. It's not just full of pictures, but it also tells the story of what the film went through. The author is also a great writer. He describes in great detail the making of the film and makes sure that you understand everything that you read.
I wanted to share a few pages from the book just in case anyone else is interested in the book.
Though... the book is kind of old :P
The book may be old, but the Nightmare Before Christmas is simply just timeless.

I also just wanted to throw in some life drawing... as usual :)
Some pieces are incomplete. I always have so many incomplete pieces :/
But they will be finished one day for my portfolio. I've been cutting off limbs again in my drawing.
And I've also been gearing towards a messier rendering of the body.
For example, the wet charcoal technique. It's a lot of fun, and looks much more interesting than just ink.
The charcoal adds a little more texture. The quality of these pictures aren't the best, but it's nice seeing these drawings up on the blog.

I am also currently working on a glass still life. It's pretty crazy but fun.
Hm... that little glass off to the side looks like it's a bit off. Or it's the camera... must double check on that!
I have so many things to do! :P

Must get to work now!


  1. thanks sisi!
    the ones in blue were a little longer. 4 min i think.
    the black ones were 1 min.

    gestures are fun :)