Friday, March 19, 2010

Another life

I don't want to make this post too epic, but I just wanted to do a quick review of my college life.
I've been to three different colleges in three years :P
And it hasn't been the easiest journey. Leaving friends behind in three different cities didn't make it easier.
But I finally made it into an art school with hard work and determination.
Art school is and has been a journey that will continue for the next few years that will introduce me into the industry.
I'm pretty optimistic about this journey and I want to live it.

But my journey is about to take another turn because
I was accepted into CalArts for Fall 2010 :)

I've talked to people and have done my research and I will be pursuing my career through the Character Animation program at CalArts.
Otis has been a great year. I will be extremely sad to leave. My art school friends are really special and talented.
I'm kind of jealous that they will be graduating in two years and leaving to go work in the industry.
But I made my choice to stay and work for another four years at CalArts.

CalArts is probably my last stop for art school.
I am very excited to be part of the Character Animation program and I will definitely make the best out of it.
And I will take all that I have learned from Otis with me.

I have less than 2 more months at Otis before summer break.
I'll have some catching up to do with this blog when I have some time.

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  1. Wow! That has been such a great journey! CONGRATS!!! I think Cal Arts will help you to continue excelling your skills....and into animation :) You on cloud 9 yet, hahahah.