Monday, April 19, 2010

16 days until the end of school

Sooo... I went to the CalArts Accepted Students Day.
And the atmosphere and people are so different from Otis.
It really is a unique environment and such a different world. I think I'll come to like it.
But while I was there, I couldn't help but think of all my Otis friends and how I won't be seeing them next semester :(
It's going to be tough keeping in touch. I know that all my Otis buddies will be battling their way through junior year.
And junior year at Otis is meant to beat you down. But that means that they will be that much better.
While I start over as a freshmen at CalArts and go through another 4 years -_____-

But I don't mind, since I'll be learning all kinds of new stuff.
All that aside, I want to post pictures of the finished sculpture of my grandpa's head!
The first two are pictures of my work in progress. The second picture is an ear that my teacher built as a demo for the class. Ears are really fun to sculpt.

I still have some work to do, but other than that... I'm pretty happy that I took this class.
I'm a very hands-on person and I like building things with my hands.
The intricate wrinkles on my grandpa's face will have to wait...

And I'm also posting pictures of my last landscape field trip at the West Fork San Gabriel River.
I think it was the best trip by far because it wasn't just some park and it was more isolated.
Even my teacher was so psyched about the area that we spent most of our time hiking and not drawing.
But I managed to get 3 nice sketches in of the trip.

There's only about 2 weeks of school left. I'm looking forward to the summer, but at the same time I don't want the school year to end. These are my last weeks at Otis.
But at least I'm getting the best out of these last weeks. I'm currently working on an After Effects animation with a friend of mine about a zombie named Tom.
And I have my Chinese painting exhibition to look forward to in July.
This time, all the Chinese painters in our group will be creating a book of paintings to share with friends and family.
I'm pretty excited about that because it will be the first time my Chinese paintings are published.

So hopefully there will be posts about all that in the future.

I know that some of my Animated Buzz friends are creating new blogs for their CalArts experience.
But I think I will keep this blog. This blog has travelled with me for a while and I've grown extremely fond of it.
And it will be a good way to keep in touch with my Otis pals since they have blogs too.
This blog is ultimately about my journey as an art student and more.
I wonder what it will look like in 6 years...?

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  1. I had a lot of fun meeting you at Accepted Students Day! Thanks for letting me look at your sketchbook- even though you really didn't quite give me ~permission~... hehehe I really like you work and I so look forward to being a classmate of yours.