Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Summeerrr

I really haven't been posting much even though I've been out of school for a while.
But I've been catching up with things that I couldn't do while I was in school.
Working out, cooking, playing video games :P
I haven't completely thrown away art though. My Chinese painting exhibition is coming up soon.
I'm really excited because I've improved and learned so much in just one year.
My teacher has been selecting some pieces that will be exhibited.
And he actually took out one of my favorite pieces :(
It's been signed, stamped with a seal and everything.

Good-bye little fishes... maybe next year.

I've been learning to paint a lot of other stuff too. Such as this squash.
I don't know what kind of squash it is...I'm not sure how to say it in English.
But it's a dish that we order at Chinese restaurants when we go out. Other then that... I don't know much about it :P
It's fun to paint though.
This squash is quite funny. They start out as a yellow flower and grow down from there.
So when the squash is fully grown, they still have a small yellow flower at the bottom.

I've graduated to painting koi!!! This is only my first koi painting, and it's not the greatest.
But I'm so glad that my teacher approved.
So now I can start practicing. And maybe I'll have a really nice koi painting for next year's exhibition.

I've been picking up digital painting too. I kind of had a late start because I was struggling with it for a while.
I tried painting myself but it just wasn't working. They were all so hideous.
So I asked a good friend of mine to help me out.
My friend Young is an awesome digital painting and I love his style. And he was so willing to help me out.
Many many thanks to him.
Here is the link to his blog:
He has some amazing paintings. *jealous*.....

I'm posting my works in progress.
I've been starting out with just portraits. I still have to get the hang of it.
This definitely needs a lot of practice.
But they're not bad for my first time I guess :P

The first one is my boyfriend. His lips look weird...
I kept looking back and forth at the photo. Maybe he really is making a weird kissy lip thing.

The second is the actress Gemma Arterton. I made her look kind of disheveled and dead. Haha
I'll continue to work on these and make them better.

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