Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Bat

There is a billboard by my place in Rowland Heights that says "Mybat."
I didn't know what it was but I kept thinking about those asian stationaries
and how they usually have phrases on them that don't really make sense.
Then I thought about a bat that belongs to you or me.
My bat.
And I had the urge to make some stationary in Illustrator :P
I made them letter size so they could be potentially printed out and used.
Though, I don't know who uses these kinds of papers anymore. (except me...)

Of course, I had to make one one of them tacky-looking :)

Turns out, Mybat is a company that makes wireless accessories.

update: I noticed that when I click on these images, a separate window or tab doesn't pop up. Many of my images are having the same trouble.
I will see to the bottom of this!
Ideally, these were supposed to show up letter size so they can be printed -___-


  1. awwww, it's so cute!! I wish I could print it out and use it.

  2. thanks!

    you're more than welcome to :)