Monday, July 12, 2010

Chinese Painting Exhibition Round 2

Well... I have not been very good about keeping up with my blog.
Even though it's summer, there's always something to do :P
The past weekend was very hectic because it was time for another Chinese painting exhibition!
And it was a very good one because there were lots of people this year, and it's always nice to see the other artists.
So it was very successful and everyone had a good time.
We even did some live painting at the exhibition. I was asked to paint with 2 other artists.
I was sooooo nervous!! But it was a good experience.

I want to post pictures of the exhibition and even a little project I've been working on.
But my internet is screwy and needs to be fixed.
So for now, I'm posting some recent paintings that I've been working on.
The paintings are copies of my teacher's. They're composition and color studies.
Color as in... dyeing the paper. Haha, nothing too crazy.
Just experimenting with color temperature and mood.

This post needs to be short, the internet will die at any moment!

Also, thanks to those who commented on my stationary!

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