Friday, July 16, 2010

iPhone Creature Cases

Summer is a very seductive season and switches on the vacation mode.
And by vacation mode... I mean crafting some iphone creature cases!
I don't have an iphone, but I found a bunch of small pieces of fabrics in my closet that I wasn't using.
And I decided to put those pieces of fabric into good use.

I hope to make 3 or 4 of these phone pouches. I'm naming my series the Gentlemen's Club :)
Because these creatures are well dressed and presentable. Not because... of the strip club thing...
So far I have made 2. The last one is a special one.
The hello kitty gentlemen is a present for my friend.
I'm kind of disappointed with the hello kitty pattern because hello kitty had a very hard time showing up.
The reason why I made the hello kitty gentlemen is because my friend likes hello kitty.
But hello kitty doesn't show up very much...
Also, the owl gentlemen is a bit smaller. So his face is covered when he is carrying a phone.

I hope to make 2 more before I start school.

I don't know if I will be posting anymore this month.
I have to move to my new apartment, and I will also be a student volunteer at Siggraph the last week of July.
So the next time I post anything, it will probably be August :P

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  1. Cool and clever and practical. And be sure to tell us about Siggraph next month.