Friday, April 29, 2011

Thank You

The Open Show for the Character Animation program is this saturday!
Here is the brochure:

Everyone's films will be screening and I'm super excited to finally watch everyone's animations!
I submitted my film already and it is at 1 min and 29 sec.
I really want to extend my thanks in the credits before I upload it onto the internet.
First, there's someone really special that I want to thank.

I want to thank my family for the endless support and love.
They've never stopped me from doing what I love and I am so thankful for having such an awesome family.
And my friends, we were all in this together!
My teachers; they were always there ready to answer questions and give more support than we ask for.
But I really want to thank my boyfriend because he was the one who stuck with me the whole time during films.
(I kind of feel sorry for him....)

Now for the story:
For a girl, I don't own that many pairs of shoes.
In fact, my boyfriend owns more shoes than I do :P
One night, my boyfriend and I went to Target. And he bought me a pair of much-needed sandals.
I tried them on and looked at my feet in the mirror. I realized that my feet looked DEAD.
It's probably from bad circulation and lack of sun. (animating 3 months straight....)
But my boyfriend, being the sweet and awesome guy that he is, just complimented me.
So as a thank you, I painted a little piece of our story at Target.

Thank you Jason, for your endless support and inspiration. And for loving me and taking care of me, no matter what I look like or become during film time.