Monday, May 2, 2011

first year film!

i'm posting my first year film that i made at calarts :)
it's weird, but it feels good at the same time to say that i've made my own little film at the school that i've dreamed of for so long.
i've always wanted to animate a cat with a huge tail.
i remember my initial concept art for the cat. i can't believe i've exaggerated the tail that much and i'm still alive :P

some of my classmates have uploaded their films as well!
please check them out!

others can be found here!: CalArts on Vimeo


  1. Your film is so cute! Ahh, that cat's design is my favorite.

  2. awesome!! dope character design im looking forward to your next film :D

  3. Wow, just delightful! The story and the drawings are great.