Friday, January 27, 2012

Tiny Animals!

I just wanted to post this page of tiny animals that I drew last semester.
A few of them were drawn by some of my fellow animation friends :)
One day I just thought "hmm... there are so many animals that I've never drawn before"
Which explains why some of the animals are anatomically incorrect.
But I had fun!
It's a fun exercise. Try it!

do you see your favorite animal?


  1. These are so cute Tammy!! :D I like these a lot. Nice line-work! I couldn't find my favorite animal...penguins :P

  2. this is AWESOME (only crit: WHERE IS SLOTH)
    Tammy I LOVE what you've been posting lately! Your paintings are sooooo lovely! I want a calendar made out of them haha
    Also I am SUPER excited for your film!

  3. thanks guys!
    you're too sweet :P