Sunday, December 30, 2012

Third Year Film Stuff

Even though it's winter break... the work doesn't stop!
I guess that's just the life of a character animation student at CalArts :P

I've been building my CG elements for my third year film during the break.
It's my first CG film so I'm super nervous. But modeling has fun since I'm trying to keep them somewhat simple.
I really want to focus on the animation this year. The elements in my film will be simple so I don't get too fussy with them.
And I will be using a very limited color palette. Just black, white and red with grey tints.
Here are a few screenshots of some stuff for my film:

Escape pod:


And a syringe. I want to animate some fluids in 2D for that grey window space.

I wish I had some little holiday drawings to post but I've been working on my CG elements :(
I'm so sad the holidays are over. I'm already looking forward to the holidays next year!
But until then... Happy 2013 and Happy New Years!


  1. Woah Tammy these are super cool! That pistol is so awesome. (:
    Stop working so hard!

  2. This looks awesome Tammy! Can't wait to see your film already!

  3. This looks like its going to be a badass film :D

  4. thanks for the kind words you guys :)
    i hope it can be a badass film!