Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Gallery Show 2013

Spring semester has officially started and we are having our Character Animation gallery show this Thursday the 17th!
This year, I am sharing a space with my talented friends Kari and Melanie
We decided we are going to do a naked ladies theme.
And we all got pretty white frames to put the paintings in!
I've posted the ones that I did. 
I kind of wish I made mine more graphic so it would read better.
Oh well :P


  1. Yours are so beautiful Tammy! :) I love all the intricate little details.

  2. yay!!!! i'm going to steal yours right off the wall.

  3. awesome! the painting and framing is so pretty!

  4. these came out really nice, congrats

  5. Nice Humps! They look awesome framed! I hope all is well Tammy :)