Friday, August 22, 2008

Portfolio Pieces

i've been doing some drawings on my own time because i cant lose the momentum.
(need to keep the momentum!)
and also because i need to practice using charcoal pencil.
charcoal pencil is lik
e... the weapon that i never use in devil may cry because its different, kind of weird and i dont know how to use it but it probably kicks butt.

this piece is from
im pretty happy with how the drawing turned out.
this really encourages me to bust out more drawings using charcoal pencil.

this is my ugly dog piece. i still have to work on it and give it a background or something. the dog in this piece is my dog. she looks like that when she lays down and shows her teeth. its pretty funny. i dont mean to call her ugly because she isn't! but those faces she showed me at the time were quite unlady-like.

this is an actual picture of my dog sporting a white hanes v-neck.


  1. Really like that top drawing Tammy :) - great to see you keeping the momentum. What I like about the dog images is that it looks like your dog took it upon himself to scan himself, haha - those will make great sketchbook pieces! :)


  2. Haha, thanks Tammy. :) Just remember to do oodles of animal drawings. Don't know if you have this book yet: