Sunday, August 17, 2008

Siggraph 2008

it was my first time at Siggraph and it was really fun!
i was first in line for the poster giveaway at the Pixar booth :) not much to say about Siggraph because it was pretty overwhelming. i hope that when i go again, i will be even more excited because i will actually be working in the industry! (i think about half my fun was all the schwag that i got -___- ) but i wasnt at Siggraph to load up on the loot i promise. I really liked how much information was available at Siggraph. really good stuff.

this picture is from the unofficial cg talk meeting. i have no idea what im talking about in the picture or why i look like that. the girl next to me is melissa. very sweet girl who is an environment artist for activision. (yay call of duty!) she is awesome and encourages more girls to work in the industry. thanks melissa!
the man sitting next to me is jeremy birn, lighting artist at pixar. it was nice talking to him. i didnt get the
chance to talk to him as much as i wanted, but thats ok.
i also met another girl named pokee who is a game programmer. she is also very cool and told me that she loves her job. i really wish that one day I can be like them.

also, i was informed by mr. jeremy birn that pixar movie dvds will no longer have special behind the scenes features unless you by the blu-ray disc. sad news :( i did notice that the ratatouille dvd did not have the special features. and walle probably wont have them either. blu ray is expensive -____-

i'll post more when i get used to this blog..

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