Monday, September 15, 2008

First Master Copy

I actually finished my first master copy a few days ago. I'm not sure how long it took... I'm gonna say about 10 hours. 4 hours on two days, and 2 more on another. But maybe I'm not entirely done :p
I do think that it would look better with some background even though we're not required to do so.
But I finished my first master copy and I found that I really like doing them.
I chose William Bouguereau's Biblis. Even though it's a beautiful painting, there's a really sad story behind it.

Our first master copy had to be done in graphite. So good thing Rebecca made us use only graphite during the first few weeks of life drawing. My first master copy would have been a disaster +__+

I get to cat-sit my friend's cat named Eunbee. Apparently it means silver rain in Korean. He's a very handsome and smart cat who knows how to open drawers and doors.

I've been thinking about putting the master copy in my portfolio, but maybe just part of my sketch book. I'm not quite sure if I should send in the original or not. Hm...we'll see.


  1. Your master copy is quite light and delicate like the original. Bravo on the 10+ hours spent rendering in graphite. You're forarm must be killing you? Great reason to go the spa. LOL.

    That's one smart cat! I wonder what would happen if Eunbee got a hold of a drum machine or Wii remote? I'm already scared he'll pick-pocket my wallet. Hahahaha.

  2. Beautiful work Tammy! I think you should definitely include this in your sketchbook. Only crit is that the hands are a bit small. Otherwise, really great piece! :)


  3. beautifully rendered mastercopy! soft n very well fleshed out :)

    and love those chinese paintings/drawings below, did you say practice pieces? they look beautifully finished... all the more since chinese paintings are meant to be spontaneous n inspired!!

    thanx for sharing, and all the best for your cal arts entry!