Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Figure Drawings

I haven't been online in a while... and I also haven't been drawing as much as I should. I need some more animal and environment drawings. My figure drawings are good right now and I can always make more in class so that's good. Then, I will put my sketchbook together beginning of November.
The CalArts application isn't out yet because they changed it to early October.
So no pressure just yet right? :)

I've been making changes to my master copy. It took another 3 - 4 hours to add the background -___-
Maybe I do work a little slow...
I didn't want the girl to blend into the paper and look so lonely. I think adding the background makes it look a lot better.

I noticed that I drew her arms and hands a little lower than they're supposed to be :P

I wanted to post some figure drawings that I did at Bodyworlds in LA. They had a life drawing session during the Bodyworlds exhibit and I went with my teacher Rebecca Kimmel. A lot of people didn't show up at first but some people started coming in later on. It was a really good opportunity and it was fun. The models were doing some really extrenuating poses so they didn't pose for too long. But I managed to get some good drawings that will go in my portfolio.

These drawings below were done in my life drawing class. I really liked the model because she's female and she can rock those hips!
I think our life drawing class will be having a little trouble with model attendance because it is difficult to hire models at the moment. We've only had 2 including this one. But they're very good :)

The pictures are very light... but I think you can still see the drawing...
It's funny how in the life drawing classes that I have been in, I have been taught a different method from each teacher. In my other class I was told not to draw any curves. And now this class, I'm not allowed to draw straight lines. I guess it really is gesture vs. block-in. But I'm finding a way to integrate the both.

On Saturday September 20, I went to the San Diego zoo to get some animal drawings.
That did not go very well... the animals that I really wanted to draw are either really far away or decided to hang out somewhere where no one can see them. I did manage to get some really good angles of a polar bear. So I'll have those drawings up some time soon. Animal drawings really are a challenge. I think I'll end up drawing more pictures of my dog and Eunbee the cat.

So, I hope to have a really good portfolio to show CalArts on portfolio day :}
It will be October 19, Sunday
12pm - 4pm. I'm really nervous but excited at the same time.
whew... this was a very long post, but I just had to catch up from all the days that I missed.
Next stop... portfolio day, animal and environment drawings!


  1. That 3rd BodyWorld life drawing is a popular pose. I remember sketching that in Art School.

    That's so funny how you mentioned different teachers teach you different techniques. That always confused me too. But in the long run, it's a great way to experiement with different styles. One may be used to drawing a certain way....but forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone is actually helping out your skill greatly! Can you hear all those new brain cells firing off? LOL. Just keep trying out the different techniques until you find one that works

    I miss zoo and aquarium sketches. You've probably heard about the Academy of Science in San Francisco? Well they reopened last weekend and I jumped in line at 7:30am and I was still 20,000th in line!!! When the line worker said that they would bring visitors inside, 4000 at a time...I decided to jump out of line and just enjoy the festivities.

    I look forward to your polar bear sketches.

  2. Tammy - no need to wait, join the LA group on 10/25! Details: