Sunday, October 5, 2008

Animals and Xu Bei Hong

I find that animal drawings are also a bit of a challenge. Animals are actually very unfamiliar so they require extra observation. I think my animal drawings can improve... but it's a bit hard to sketch animals at a zoo on a hot weekend day -___-
I can always try the Santa Ana zoo soon.
These animal drawings are from San Diego zoo.

I wish I could've seen the process in which this snake took to look like a cinnamon bun on a branch.

These are my polar bear sketches! The polar bear was the only animal at the zoo that decided to cooperate. At the end of the day, I was really disappointed that I didn't get any good drawings because all the other animals decided to hide. But this polar bear decided to take a nap near the front right after I was about to leave.
Thanks polar bear!
The drawing above was put through photoshop because I used such a light blue color.

I added more colors to this drawing to show how many colors actually appear on the polar bear.

A random sketch I did on the back of my sketchbook. That cardboard part of sketchbooks always smell like bad cheese... I'm a huge fan of cheese but I don't understand why it always has to smell...
It might be to keep the moths away but it could smell better.

This is the highlight of my weekend. My mom and my godmother went to Chinatown and passed a bookstore. And there were all these figure drawing books that were in front of the bookstore that apparently no one wanted because they were FREE. So my mom and godmother quickly grabbed me 3 books. The artist is a Chinese man named Xu Bei Hong. He studied western art but his fellow Chinese peers did not approve of his western art so he eventually switched over to Chinese painting.
(The translation on the cover is bad... they aren't paintings...)

These books are so wonderful and are very inspirational. Thanks Mom and Godmother Winnie! This is exactly what I art books
: )

I wish I could show all the pages of his books because his work is beautiful and very good. But it could take a while. Maybe in my later posts, I'll introduce more of his drawings bit by bit.

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