Thursday, October 16, 2008


Since my tv downstairs has no basic channels right now, I've been re watching my dvd collection. I enjoy re watching my dvd collection, so I'm not forcing myself to watch tv or anything ;P
But I just finished Ratatouille again and I went to the bonus materials where there's an interview with Brad Bird.
When I listen to him talk about how he is inspired... it really inspired me too.
He said that ideas cannot be forced.
When he does come up with an idea, its usually a happy accident or its created from something else.
And then it builds off of what gave him inspiration and becomes an idea.

I've always been hard on myself because I always thought I wasn't creative enough.
When I look at other people's portfolios, I feel that everyone is creative in their own way.
Especially those who apply to Art Center's Entertainment Design program. Their portfolios really knock me off my socks.
But after I watched Brad Bird talk about how he creates ideas, then I think back to the drawings and art I have done. It's true that I have had spontaneous creative ideas at the spur of the moment...literally.
(damn those conceptual art classes... forcing me to make something..)
If you force yourself to create an idea then you might not love it.
But if it comes to you instead, then you can really make it yours and be happy about it.

The dvd really inspired me because it really is true. I'll probably be a lot more creative when the times comes to be (CalArts!!!)

CalArts portfolio day is this weekend! I'm pretty confident about my portfolio.
Just finishing up the drawings by spraying some fixative and glassine over those dusty drawings.

I'll create a new post about Portfolio Day and the projects that I am currently working on after Sunday
(second master copy and pastels!)



  1. Yeah, I wish there were more DVD extras. Blu-ray is way too expensive. But I truly agree with you, on Brad Bird's inspiring interview. I always thought of creativity just coming out of the blue and hitting you...and there's your idea! Instead, it's been more like sitting on an idea, thumbnailing it out...wait until the next day and I have another idea on top on that! Sometimes a week later I shuffle the idea around and it's even better.

    As long as we keep pushing our artistic limits and story telling on a daily/weekly basis, those happy mistakes are bound to show up.

    It's probably one of the greatest feeling. But I think a lot of classmates in my animation program used procrastination as a reason to crank out good work. Have you ever heard the phrase "Most of my best work happens the night before it's due....". Most of the time the outcome didn't turn out so well in critiques. That was painful to watch.

    So keep pushing forward with your portfolio and you'll have some awesome pieces by Portfolio Day. Best of Luck!!!

  2. Thanks gerald for the encouragement!

    I'm also pretty disappointed about the latest pixar dvds. I think it has something to do with disney. (boo to disney) I heard Wall-e won't have any of that good stuff on the dvd. At least there's still the art books!