Friday, October 24, 2008

a real calarts portfolio

I was a fool to think that the portfolio that I have right now would get me into CalArts.
(not trying to bring myself down or anything :P)

I'm saying this because yesterday, Thursday, I went up to Otis for a drawing workshop.
There was the first session which went from 3:45pm to 6:45.

Everyone started leaving and I started packing too. Gary came up to me and asked if I was taking off.
And I said "Yeah...well that was it right?" I thought I heard wrong about the workshop going until 10pm.

But Gary told me that it goes till 10. So I sat right back down and threw all my art materials back out ready to draw.

During the second session, Gary came up to me and said "Tammy, I want you to meet Bill Eckert. He teaches at CalArts in the Character Animation program."

Bill sat down next to me and immediately started listing the things that CalArts wants to see in a portfolio right on my drawing pad.
Then, Bill and Gary took me to the fourth floor of Otis and showed me the different landscape and animal drawings that were drawn by students.

Bill pointed out key things that CalArts would love to see in a portfolio. He even gave me tips on how nothing doesn't have to complicated, it just has to show that it came from the imagination etc.

I can't believe that he just came up to me and was so straightforward about what should go in a portfolio.
I wanted to thank him so many times but that would be very Chinese of me... :P
So I thanked him once with much appreciation.

I think next time CalArts sees my portfolio, it will muchmuch better thanks to Bill

Some drawings I did yesterday's workshop.
The model had an awesome Roman costume. I forgot how fun costume figure drawing is.
I really liked his face, helmet and cape thing.

Sketch Crawl tomorrow! I'm really excited. It will also be a good opportunity to get some drawings into my portfolio!

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