Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Waiting for December...

I thought October was a hectic month because of portfolio day.
But November has been pretty busy mainly because of the Chinese painting exhibition.
It's going to be this weekend on Saturday and Sunday as well. I will have to attend both days from 10am - 5pm because I'm a featured artist and host. :P
Thanks to my mom, I have a speech prepared in Mandarin and I don't have to memorize it... but I have to become pretty familiar with it.
When I was reciting it to my mom, I thought about all those people who I knew that wanted to learn Chinese.
I warned them that Mandarin has 5 different tones and if you use the wrong tone, the word would be a completely different meaning. So I was practicing my speech out loud to my mom and some of my tones were off. My mom laughed so hard at me that she had to use the kitchen counter to support herself.
In one sentence, I have to say " it is time to cut the ribbon." My tone was off so I ended up saying " it is time to cut clothes."

I wanted to post a few pictures of the exhibition brochure in my blog:
This tiger was painted by my teacher. It is rather large, which makes it even more magnificent.

All the students are featured in the brochure this year. Everyone has such beautiful paintings...

I've also been experimenting with watercolor and trying to pick it up again.
I started out a little easy with some watercolor pencils:

Then I bought a little pocket watercolor set. The lighting in my apartment is terrible so the pictures had to be taken at certain angles and such...
But I really enjoy doing landscapes with watercolor. I was really inspired by a fellow sketchcrawler Alina Chau.
Her watercolor pieces are gorgeous and I hope one day I can use watercolor in a similar nature :).
I will be taking pictures at the exhibition to share on my blog. There's definitely going to be a lot of beautiful pieces this year because everyone gets better year after year. Hopefully next year my pieces will be better too.

I have less than a month left until the CalArts deadline. It will come really fast but I will be prepared.
There's no time to wait for the end of the month.. but I still am :P


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