Monday, November 10, 2008

Chinese Painting Exhibition

This weekend was fantastic! The Chinese exhibition was a real success and it was just in general, a very awesome experience. It all started with setting up on Friday. The exhibition room was empty and we when we began to put up all the paintings, I was just in awe. Especially Mr. Lee's paintings. Him and my teacher had the largest paintings. They were monstrous, I'm guessing 6'x4' or 5'x4'. Very big, but beautiful :)
Then on Saturday, we had our opening ceremony hosted by me... x_x
But it was wonderful because I realize why my teacher and Mr. Lee chose me as the host. Since I'm my teacher's youngest student, they wanted to use me as a symbol of the longevity of Chinese painting. I am really honored to have been host. Chinese painting has been a very wonderful journey and I'm really glad that I was able to express my feelings.
Afterwards, I took my time to walk around the exhibition and look at my peer's paintings.
They really are beautiful and very inspiring. All of them have been painting for 3 years plus. My little paintings are nothing compared to them. But I think everyone of us has our specialties. My teacher wants to cancel class for this week but I will hassle the man because I can't wait to learn how to paint like my peers!!!
I'm hoping that next year's exhibition, we will achieve our goal of spreading the Chinese tradition of painting to a lot more people. I took many pictures because I want to bring the exhibition to my blog.
Some paintings were very high up so some pictures may be at a weird angle.

This magnificent painting was done by my teacher. Most of my pictures are only parts of the painting, but I wanted to really zoom in on the eye candy :)

This is one of Mr. Lee's. Mr Lee and my teacher are the only ones who paint the large birds of prey. Very awesome.

Shrimps painting by my teacher. This is one of my teacher's specialties.
This piece is done by a women named Helen Wang. I think it's one of my favorites. This picture was up high and very large. But I wanted to take a picture of the whole thing because it's very cute in a sense. The pink dot in the middle is a plum blossom and all the koi are gathering around it because they are curious as to what fell into their pond :)

This is also another one of my favorites. These purple flowers are chrysanthemums. I'm not very good at painting these, but this painting really inspires to become better. Soooo beautiful...

A signature painting of Mr. Lee's: crabs.

I did not include any of my paintings because I have done so already in this blog :P
I really can't wait to paint those large paintings like my peers..
Next time I will take pictures of the actual exhibition because I want to be able to show the scale of these paintings.
I hope that these Chinese paintings can inspire everyone. Next year's exhibition will be even better. Hopefully a lot more people will attend. Not just Chinese people! Because our goal is to share this wonderful art with all kinds of people :)
Every year it is held in El Monte at this little cultural center. I will posting information about it next time so the people who stumble upon my blog will be aware!

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