Sunday, November 23, 2008


I guess the title of this post is the description of the pictures that I posted
and my stomach...I'm so nervous
I know my CalArts countdown says that I have a week left but I'm actually turning my portfolio in on Wednesday the 26th. The schedule got a little complicated with Thanksgiving and CalArts being closed on the weekends.
But I think my portfolio has gotten a lot stronger since Portfolio Day.
I haven't exactly been neglecting my blog, I've just been doing other drawing.
I went to the Long Beach aquarium today to do some animal drawings with Gary Geraths.
I got some really good drawings that will be put into my portfolio.
I'll post my pictures of my portfolio after I send it in. Gotta do it anyways so I can apply to another art school.
But for now, I just wanna post pictures of jellyfish.
Beautiful serene jellyfish...

It's sad how bad my camera is. People next to me were taking photos of these guys with their cellphones and their pictures were much crisper. I need a better camera...

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  1. Good luck on your 11/26 portfolio.

    Those are actually good photos of the jellies! Mine never develop as good.