Thursday, October 9, 2008


CalArts finally decided to release their application for the 2009 year! Pretty exciting... I still wish the application would come out a little later so there's not so much pressure. But that's ok, don't want to turn it in too late. Also, portfolio day is next weekend. *yikes* I'm pretty nervous.
I have been putting my portfolio together and I realize that a lot of pieces that I have are mostly or fully rendered. I'm thinking maybe CalArts wants to see drawings with construction and more gestures so the other day in class, I requested 5 minute poses. I got 5 great drawings and they will be put into my portfolio.

I also wanted to post some of my figure drawings from when I was still attending UCI. I came a really long way and have improved a lot. Seeing my progression makes me feel good because it helps me feel prepared for CalArts. I'm pretty fond of my figure drawings from the past although they aren't perfect and maybe out of proportion. We had such great models from the class and I wish I really took advantage of that. Or, I wish I had the same models again.

Before the figure drawing class at UCI, I took costume figure drawing classes at Pasadena Art Center. Those were really really fun. It was because of those classes that I really enjoy figure drawing. When I get the chance, I'll snag a few pictures of those. It was pretty fun because we had models coming in dressed like cowboys, pirates, jesters etc. Really awesome :)

I got a call from my mom yesterday. She told me that Mr.Li and my Chinese painting teacher told me that they want me to host this year's exhibition.
O god.....
I heard that they chose me because I'm the youngest student and they want me to represent the longevity of Chinese painting. That's really nice, and really an honor.
But I'm nervous! I have to speak in Mandarin in front of everyone... and I'm a total ABC (American Born Chinese). I hope my 6 years of Chinese school pay off now -____- Even thought I forgot about 80% of what I learned...
It will be a good experience though. I just don't want to be laughed at (o_o)

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  1. I really like that last one. Not a lot of line work, but great use of shade and tone.