Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thinking About Portfolio...Again...

I visited the Cal arts site recently. According to the site, the application will be available mid-September. That makes me nervous even though the preferred deadline is December 1. (why don't they make the application available in the beginning of November???) I'm pretty confident about what is going in my portfolio. But I still have a lot of work to do. I also have an artist's statement to write. Today, I sent my artist statement to my high school rhetoric teacher Mrs. Bradford. I still keep in touch with her because we are friends :) (very ironic because writing is my worst subject -____- ) She's going to proofread it and make sure it is a tidy and good. I haven't taken writing classes in a year so kudos to her for bearing with my writing.
I wish
I could write about my journey to becoming an artist because it was quite a struggle. But I don't want to ramble on about that in the artist's statement. I'll try to incorporate some of it :p
My teacher Mara tells me that before I do anything with art, I must have the confidence. And Rebecca says that art is personal and takes time.
Art is hard and has taken me through a bumpy journey. But it has
made me even more ready to be an artist.
I'm glad that I will be applying soon. Art, here i come!!!

I also wanted to use this post to acknowledge another blog. My sister has some friends who have a blog where they do little sketches:
it's a shame that these guys don't post anymore. They sketches they do are really funny. Like this for example:

This one's from May 1, 2007:
"There's Alien vs. Predator and Freddy vs. Jason, but even better would be this: Alien vs. Jason vs. Predator vs. Freddy vs. Candyman. And you know why Candyman would win? Bees. That's why."

The life drawing class that I'm taking right now requires me to do 5 master copies throughout the semester. I'm pretty excited about doing the assignment. There are a number of painters from the past who have created such beautiful figurative paintings. My first master copy will be William Bouguereau's Biblis
. I'll post my drawing when I'm finished so I can compare it side to side with the actual painting.

I want to post Lord Frederick Leighton's 'Summer Noon' painting on my blog because it's so beautiful...


  1. Hey I look forward to seeing your Master Studies!


  2. Your friend's blog is hilarious (tell 'em I like thier blog template - LOL)

    5 master copy assignments? Wow. Don't worry, you'll do well.

    That "Summer Noon" painting is just.....awesome. The emotion of relaxation and the amount of drapery details....I can stare at paintings like that in the museums trying to figure out the paint strokes/techniques....but it would look like the matrix code!