Sunday, January 4, 2009

Movie Critique

I found this trailer on the apple site a few days after it was released. I must say that I'm excited about Tim Burton's next film called 9. I want to watch the tiny knit beings save our planet :)
Not much to say about it now, but I do have high expectations for it.
It could be a good thing or a bad thing.
Looking forward to the movie!
I've also recently have ventured into the curious world of Benjamin Button, starting with the movie poster. It was the large billboard movie poster that first caught my eye.
Two faces that were cut in half :)
Very lovely. I was wondering when a movie poster was ever going to look like this.
I know that the movie poster of Face Off also includes two halves of a face, but this time Brad Pitt's face and Cate Blanchett's face are completely cut in half and are at opposite sides of the poster. I really like it :)
Reveals the different relationships between the people I guess.
Warning! Spoiler!:
I like rambling a bit about movies that I have seen recently. Benjamin Button is the topic tonight.
I think the story was interesting and I don't think I've seen a movie quite like this one. I give props to the movie for being very ambitious.
I enjoyed the love story and the time line of a man who grew younger instead of older. But being ambitious may also be the downfall. I feel like Benjamin's character development was a bit poor. We never really see him sad, mad or extremely happy. Coming out of the theater, you conclude that Benjamin Button is a humble, courteous, and curious person. He experiences love, war, and death but most of his reactions are the same. Perhaps that is his character though. But a movie that is almost 3 hours and about a man's entire life, I expected more.

Well, it's just a thought. Overall, I still enjoyed the movie.
Definitely a gorgeous movie :)

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