Monday, January 19, 2009

Wildlife Waystation Trip! *Long Post*

Yesterday was the Wildlife Waystation trip. It was really really fun and it was the best opportunity that I have ever had to draw animals up close. We mainly drew big cats. I wish we got to draw some of those grizzly bears and zebras but that's ok. Usually the big cats are the ones who are never seen at zoos. So it was great that we could be so close. There are many many many pictures. I just wanted to post a summary of the trip. There are actually more pictures but I put up the best ones.
I also posted some scans of my drawings. I have never drawn big cats before. I was actually going to look up some big cats online first and do a warm up but I didn't get the chance to. But I thought my drawings turned out really well. And it's mostly thanks to the fact that we stayed for about 8 hours and also because the animals were only 3 feet away behind a cage.
Very awesome :)
Some of the other people who were there had some awesome drawings too.
Next time we go, I hope I can do a more intensive study of the big cats.

Our waystation guide warned us not to stare at monkeys or else they'll go crazy. And when we passed by the chimpanzees, we were told to stay quiet, not to look at the chimps and to walk in a tight group very fast pass the chimps. We knew we were successful when our guide reported that no one got spit on this time. :P
Pretty interesting. As interesting as the crimped hair on the baboon in the picture.


  1. YAY! ok cool =]

    HI TAMMY! HOW U BEEN!??! how was break and school?!?!?!

    wow I didnt know that monkeys go crazy if u stare at them... makes me want to go to the zoo to try =] thats something interesting i learned today haha =]

    moving on, I really liked your drawings especially the hyenas =] it looks badass haha. The drawings make me think of lion king with all the cats and hyenas and stuff haha pretty cool. I liked the tigers too. They look more badass than lions to me for some reason. Anyways I like all the pictures u've drawn pretty cool. =]

    Hows the art school going on? well i gotta do my physics hw haha hope to see u soon!! =]


  2. What a great place to sketch and hang-out! I like how your "big cats" turned out :) Especially the hyena - that looks like it's ready to color up (Cartoon Network style).